Your donation helps make music a part of every child's education experience. Beyond bringing joy into students’ lives and adding more artistic exposure, music education also improves academic achievement and self-confidence. Our students develop skills of creativity and innovative thinking crucial for success in the 21st century.

Every donation makes a difference.

Consider a starter gift to make a difference in a child's life.

  •  $12.50 funds one month of music education to help one child in an inner-city school develop creativity 
  •  $25 purchases a box of alto sax reeds one saxophonist needs to play all year long 
  •  $60 purchases a set of cello strings to outfit one child with a working instrument 

Consider a medium gift to support vital projects.

  •  $100 funds an at-home rental of a violin, expanding self-motivation of an orchestra student for a year 
  •  $150 funds an entire year of music education to help one child develop innovative thinking
  •  $260 purchases an alto xylophone for a classroom for the improvement of math skills
  •  $600 purchases a keyboard for a classroom to expand critical thinking skills and develop musical artistry

Consider a large gift to make a tremendous impact.

  •  $1000 purchases a beginning repertoire library 5 ensembles need to thrive
  •  $1500 purchases a 6 piece Orff set for an entire classroom, valuable because the difficulty of the instruments can be adapted to each individual
  •  $5000 funds an entire year of music education for an entire class! Make the future theirs for the taking. 

Click here to donate now. Every donation makes a difference. 


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